Mineral Water

Sustainability is what we are all about, so we took our carbon filtered and two-stage reverse osmosis water and added sustainably harvested marine electrolytes and 10mg of hemp extract to replenish your body and mind in the most sustainable way.

Ingredients: Reverse Osmosis Water, Hemp Extract (10mg), Marine Minerals.

Calories: 0

Mineral Water

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Crisp, fulfilling, clean.

Our best ingredients.
Your best you.

Our ingredients are dependable, pronounceable, and drinkable. Plant-powered, dairy-free, THC-free and without any extra sugar or artificial sweeteners. And that includes our American-grown, hemp-derived CBD as well. We don’t feel uncomfortable with people reading the back of our cans. In fact, we want them too.

Simpler is better

Feelings and benefits

Taste good, feel good.

CBD is low dosage, so don’t sweat having more than one can. In fact, we encourage it.

Organic, hemp-derived CBD paired with delicately sparkling water and electrolytes creates a clean spark.