Organic Hibiscus Flower Tea

Our naturally caffeine-free organic hibiscus whole flower tea is infused with hemp, a touch of mojito mint and orange zest. A super plant brew which is rich in antioxidants and electrolytes.  The hibiscus tea has an incredible tart flavor and is a delicious revival that’ll help you through any part of the day.

Ingredients: Reverse Osmosis Water, Organic Egyptian Hibiscus Flowers, Orange Zest Extract, Mojito Mint Extract, Hemp Extract (5mg).

Calories: 0

Organic Hibiscus Flower Tea

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Good, clean fun

Our best ingredients.
Your best you.

Just because something doesn’t have caffeine doesn’t mean it won’t provide you the boost you need. Clean ingredients, natural vitamins, and a delicious taste will convince you of that.

Simpler is better

Feelings and benefits

Taste good, feel good.

Hibiscus tea mixed with mojito mint for a tart, but smooth, taste in every sip. 

Natural, botanical electrolytes, antioxidants and vitamin C. All that and nothing else. Loved for hundreds of years from Africa to Latin America, a unique and reviving spark that’s naturally caffeine free.