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HAMAKA was founded in 2018 on a desire to provide a source of daily spark. One that comes without jitters. Or the impending feeling of a crash. One that makes you feel good and is actually good for you. One that keeps our health and our environment at top of mind. That meant using real ingredients that provide real benefits and not cutting corners in their production.

There are plenty of ready to drink beverages that make you feel good, but with their sugar, empty calories, artificial ingredients and additives, they aren’t really healthy options. On top of that they aren’t made with much attention or thought to their impact on the environment.

Enter HAMAKA. We’ve put passion into sourcing the best plant-based ingredients, sustainably farmed from around the world, and letting them stand on their own. Organic award-winning coffee, ceremonial grade matcha, hibiscus flowers from the legendary Nubian Valley of Egypt and American grown hemp. We built proprietary all-natural processes to brew, extract, balance and preserve the properties of these ingredients allowing their flavors and functional benefits to shine in every can of HAMAKA.

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Our Core Values

CBD Hibiscus Tea ingredients

The Highest Quality Ingredients

We thoughtfully source the highest quality and most flavorful plant based ingredients from around the world.

CBD Cold Brew ingredients and Values

Sophisticated Simplicity

Using proprietary methods and technology, our ingredients are processed in the most natural way possible, resulting in incredibly simple (and additive free) ingredient lists.

Hemp Leaf for CBD Beverage

Plant-Based Benefits

All-natural plant compounds provide real functional and health benefits. We're inspired by nature and its ability to balance, transform and revive us.

CBD Matcha Green Tea ingredients

Commitment to the Environment

We care about the future of our planet and are committed to set a higher environmental standard for the next generation of ready-to-drink beverages.

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