Plant Powered Simplicity

Humans have been using plants for all sorts of functional purposes since, forever.  

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

– Hippocrates, 400BC

Fast forward to today. 

Much of our food is packaged and prepared to be more convenient than ever. But, in bringing us food on demand, the food industry takes plenty of shortcuts. These shortcuts include jaw droppingly toxic flavor enhancers, preservatives, sweeteners and colorants. The “unpronounceables” we’ve grown accustomed to seeing on our food labels and that are silently making us sick.

The good news is that reckless shortcuts aren’t the only way.

At Hamaka, we are setting a higher standard for health, transparency, and environmental impact in the food and beverage space. This starts by going back to our roots and keeping things simple. Returning to a more thoughtful and purposeful approach to what we put in our bodies. 

Less ingredients, but higher quality ones that don't need masking. 

We use organic best in class coffees, ceremonial grade matcha, and flowers rich in electrolytes and vitamins like the hibiscus we source from Egypt. We put love into sourcing, brewing, and blending our beverages with other plant based substances like the best CBD from hemp we can find. 

You’ll only find healthy, real food, plant based ingredients on our labels. No spooky “unpronounceables”, metals, pesticides, herbicides, extra sugar, artificial sweeteners or dairy products to worry about either. 

Combining these elements into sustainable and recyclable packaging without preservatives or processing was a test of will and we got lucky meeting the best brewer in the country, right in our backyard with the capabilities we needed and values we shared. That's where we are. On a mission to only provide clean and quality products, with purposeful intent, including an obsession with lowering our footprint or waste. 


Tomás Garibaldi