Sustainability in Every Can

Sustainability is a buzzword. 

What does it actually mean? What do we want to sustain? Our health, our happiness, and our environment all sound like good options. HAMAKA was built realizing that there are choices to be made when building a company and a product.  We vow to always make the most sustainable choice. 

We chose recycled aluminum cans, which are the most eco friendly packaging option for a convenient drink. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and the infrastructure for recycling it is massive. Not only is aluminum recyclable, but it is also lightweight which brings up a second choice.

When you are shipping beverages long distances, weight and your carbon footprint are directly correlated. That's why HAMAKA is only sold within 500 miles of where it was produced, and when the option for zero emission distribution is available, we will do so exclusively. (Elon, we need a small fleet of your Semi's please, and would be happy to help design more energy efficient refrigerated containers for the food and beverage industry).

Our products are meant to sustain you throughout the day, and our company exists to only create products sustainably. For everyone's health, happiness, and this gem of a planet we live on.



Tomás Garibaldi